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Benefits Of Industrial Ethernet Switch - FL SWITCH 3008T

FL SWITCH 3000 managed industrial Ethernet switches combine extensive network performance and securtiy features with complete IEEE redundancy (STP/RSTP/MST) and 15 ms recovery time extended ring redundancy. Unique web customization provides a simplified user interface for today's applications and scalable functionality for future needs. A comprehensive mix of fiber optic and copper port connections meets a wide range of applications.

Your advantages

  • RJ45 ports support a transmission speed of 10/100 Mbps

  • Fiber-optic ports support 100 Mbps

  • -40 to 75°C and -10 to 60°C ambient temperature versions

  • Secure web-based and SNMP-based management

  • Extensive web diagnostics with configurable LED and remote alarm contacts

  • Security options with cable locking

  • Unique cleanup function hides unused configuration pages, reducing complexity, maintenance and startup times

  • Auto negotiation and autocrossing detection simplifies installation and setup

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