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What Is Quint Power Supply?

Quint Power is known for its robust Power Boost circuitry and Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology. The new generation continues to use proven QUINT features such as Power Boost technology and Selective Fuse Breaking

(SFB). The latest generation of QUINT power supplies provides control engineers with improved configuration and diagnostic capabilities to ensure reliable power supply to the control system. The compact power supply of the

new generation QUINT POWER maximizes system availability. The output stage of the new power supply can be customized for specific end-user applications.

This functionality remains, however, the user can now change the output behavior of the power supply via the NFC (Near Field Communication) interface. Phoenix Contact has added near field communication, real-time monitoring, coordinated surge protection and configurable DC output features to the proven QUINT Power series. The analog outputs can be configured to monitor output voltage, output current, or output power. Output data Rated output voltage 48 V DC + -1% Output voltage setting range (U Set) 30 V DC ... 56 V DC (> 48 V DC, limited continuous power) Rated output current (IN) 20 A (-25 °C ... 60 °C, U OUT = 48 V DC) 5 A (-25 °C ... 40 °C continuous, U OUT = 48 V DC) Selective fuse (I SFB) 100 A ( 12 ms ) derating 60 °C ... 70 °C ( 2.5 % / K) in parallel is, for redundancy and performance increase in series is maximum.

QUINT POWER circuit breakers are subject to a magnetic field and therefore operate quickly at up to six times the rated current for selective and therefore economical system protection.

There we have a range of modern equipment, so that the proposed result is impeccable. Our product range includes control panels, control panel accessories and automation solutions integrated with safe and trouble-free operating functions.

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