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Resistance/potiposition transducer - MINI MCR-SL-R-UI | 2864095

  • MCR potiposition transducer for conversion of potentiometer positions into a standard analog signal, 0 Ω input... 100 Ω to 0 kΩ ... 100 kΩ

    • Power supply possible via the foot element (TBUS)
    • Automatic potentiometer detection without manual adjustment
    • Error indication via diagnostic LED and analog signal
    • For 100 Ω to 100 kΩ potentiometers
    • potentiometer signals to create standard signals
    • Configurable measuring range and output signals
    • Highly-compact potentiometer transducer for electrical isolation, conversion, amplification, and filtering of
    • Input and output signals can be configured via DIP switches
    • 3-way isolation
    • A potentiometer sub-range can be linearized via the "teach-in" switch on the device
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